Agriculture Committee


The Elk Township Agricultural Committee shall advise and provide guidance to the Township Committee on all agricultural and agriculture-related matters including the Elk Township Farmland Preservation Plan. 

Committee Members

Teal Jefferies

George Lewis, Sr.

George Lucas

Patty Mood

James Rambo

Jim Visalli

Dennis Marchei, Liaison









Farmland Preservation Plan

The Elk Township Agricultural Committee working with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) has completed a Farmland Preservation Plan for the Township.  This plan will assist the Township with future planning/development and also continue to help agriculture flourish within Elk. 


Below are links for the main document and the maps.

In December 2008, the plan was sent to the State for review and comments.


Please note that the documents will open in Adobe PDF format and that the attachment files are very large. If you can't access the material digitally, a hard copy of this document is located in the Municipal Building in the Clerk's Office.