Ferrell Fire and Ambulance


Station Phone:   (856) 478 - 2020
Email:   station39-2@hotmail.com

Website:  www.station392.com 

Business Meeting - 1st Monday of each month, 7:30 pm
Drills - All other Monday evenings, 7:30 pm
Hall Rental - Contact Patti Yenner at (856) 478-2993 

Swimming Pool Fills - 



Chief - Bill Opdyke

Deputy Chief - Jonathan Fisher

Assistant Chief - Randy Staub

Captain - Bryan Hagerty

Lieutenant - Andrea Lockman

Lieutenant - Jackie Cross

Safety Officer - Josh Thompson


        Jon Allinson   Don Ash Sr.   Ken Brant   Fred Boeckie   Greg Capel  

        Julie Comparri   Mike Fisher   Tiffany Harris    Greg Hickman   Chris Lockman  

        Kevin Lockman   Wes Metcalf   Bill Mihels   Rich Wood   Josh Myers   Bob Opdyke  

        Jeff Sieman   Steve Stewart   Bill Wiberg