Jersey Fresh


Elk Township Farmers grow the best fruits, vegetables, and horticultural products not only in the State but the Country.  It is that time of the year, the farmstands are now open.  Please be sure to stop by and see what is in season.  (Updated May 11, 2010)





›  Map of Elk Township Farmstands (5.6M PDF)


-  Erdwein's Produce

1265 Elk Road

Monroeville, NJ  08343

Open 7 Days a week in season

8 AM until 5 PM


Fruitwood Farm Stand

419 Elk Rd.

Monroeville, NJ 08343
(856)863-8104 fax

The Stand is Self Serve in season


-   Kirkpatrick's Dogwood Farms

978 Elk Road

›  Fruitwood Orchards Honey Farms


›  Haynicz's Orchardview Farm Market and Greenhouse


›  Mood's Farm Market


›  Visalli's Scattered Acres


›  Schober Orchards


›  Sorbello Girls


›  The McCann Farm