Snow Removal



Our mission is to provide safe streets through efficient and timely snow and ice control.  This is to be accomplished by being properly equipped, properly staffed, and well organized.
Preparing for Winter


The Township of Elk and the Department of Public Works (DPW) prepare year round to handle the onslaught of winter weather. The Township has a fleet of 3 snow removal trucks that need to be ready to mobilize at the first sign of snow or ice.  These trucks also have salt spreading capabilities to fight ice and snow covered streets.


Our vehicles and equipment receive scheduled routine maintenance checks and undergo a comprehensive inspection in the fall of each year.  Township employees are also trained on a yearly basis.  Snow plow drivers receive a refresher course on proper handling of the vehicles and safe winter driving tactics.

Action Plan

DPW monitors various types of weather information to determine the need for preventative action against winter weather.  Based on the forecast, DPW crews are put on alert and schedules are set.

DPW uses rock salt as an “anti-icing” practice to help prevent the ice and snow from freezing on the pavement.  You may see our trucks salting streets prior to the first sign of snow.  This is a cost effective practice that, in most cases, eliminates snow sticking to the road surface, thus making it easier to remove.

Snow Routes

The Township has over 20 miles of streets that in some cases need 4 passes per street to effectively clear all snow from the roadway.  We also remove snow from our 3 Fire Companies so emergency vehicles can access the roadway in a timely manner.  The level of intensity and the duration of the storm dictate the frequency with which the routes are plowed and treated.  In the most severe storms, some of the lower priority routes will receive less attention until the weather eases up.


Private Driveways, Streets and Roads

The Township will not clear snow from private drives, streets and roads.  Normal snow removal operations may result in snow being deposited in private drives, street and roads.  Snow from private drives, streets and roads shall not be placed on the roadway or shoulders.  If you notice that your street has not been cleared “curb to curb”, be aware that a final pass will result in snow being deposited back on cleared driveway aprons.  We ask that driveways, if possible, be cleared after the final pass has been completed.



What you can do to help


  • Travel only if necessary:  Give plow vehicles the right of way (allow us to do our jobs in a timely manner).
  • Move your car off the street:  This helps the operator and provides clear travel for motorists; this is especially important in cul-de-sacs.
  • Remove portable basketball hoops from Township right of way:  Ordinance No. 0-2003-3, states that all basketball hoops shall be located at least 10 feet from edge of a Township owned street and it must not be in Township right of way.  It is difficult for our equipment to clear the roadway completely with an overhanging basketball hoop.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow in the street.
  • Clear your driveways and mailboxes after our final pass is completed
  • Do not wave down or stop our plow trucks unless there is an immediate emergency.  Call the Public Works Dept. office with any questions.